Little Black Dress - FAQs

What is the LBD?  It’s Goodwill Industries networking event of fashion, shopping and fun!

Why Should I attend?  Well, the food is great, the models are spectacular, and the shopping is the BEST OF THE BEST Goodwill donations at 50% OFF!

When and Where?  Wednesday November 1st at the Avalon Manor in Merrillville.  Shopping opens at 3:30 and the show begins at 5:30pm (you can also shop after the show- we’d like to sell it all!)

You mean all the items are for sale?  YES, and at 50% of the Goodwill price!

Can I really find great bargains?  Absolutely!  Coach, Chanel, Prada, Chloe, Boss, Louis Vuiton-  you never know what you will find, and many with a new sales tag attached!  All of the high end donations we receive throughout the year are all brought together in ONE PLACE for your shopping convenience!

For women only?  NO WAY!  We have men’s designer suits, shoes, ties… come have fun!

Who benefits from this event?  Your communities in Northwest Indiana!  Goodwill invests back into programs that are at work RIGHT HERE in Lake and Porter County!  Our mission to educate, train and place people into livable wage jobs is supported through your support of the Little Black Dress!

So I have more questions- who can I call?  Give us a shout- 1-866-649-7300